About Us

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Treating Insomnia for Years!

Who We Are

3 Steps to Better Sleep Clinic is a team of highly trained psychologists and health professionals who have specific experience and training in treating insomnia. We have a head office in Adelaide but takes pride in providing online consultancy to other cities of Australia, including Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, etc. The founder of an organisation, Dr Harwell Murphy is a renowned researcher and a psychologist who has been treating insomnia for more than 30 years.

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Insomnia is one of the common conditions affecting people of different ages that can be addressed and treated with the right procedures. Our aim is to treat this disorder and create awareness to encourage people about this conditioning and let them have a better sleep. Our highly-trained team also focuses on other disorders related to sleep, such as, excessive daytime tiredness, Circadian rhythm disruptions and chronic nightmares.

Our consultancy services and medical treatments are popular across the city because we understand Insomnia and know how to help people in getting quality sleep. If you are also suffering from the same, feel free to contact us. Our clinic is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised and our experts follow all the COVID-19 safety guidelines because your safety is our topmost priority.

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We Are Proud Psychologists

At 3 Steps to Better Sleep Clinic, we are a team of trained, experienced and enthusiastic psychologists. They have particular interest in helping individuals to manage sleep disorders, like insomnia. In Adelaide, people are surprised to be referred to a psychologist for problems related to sleep. We want to break this norm and promote the insomnia treatment programmes all around Australia.

Till now, we have helped thousands of people suffering from insomnia and other sleep-related issues. Majority of them were surviving on sleeping medication, which has their own side effects. We also organise insomnia awareness events to help people know the early symptoms, right treatment programs and cope with stress and anxiety.

Learn how to overcome the habit of not sleeping well by consulting our experts. The treatment programmes run with the sole objective to let people cure this problem and enjoy better sleep.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to address the insomnia disorder and treat every single individual who consults us. We will help you get a better quality of sleep without giving you a hint of stress.

Sleep is an important aspect to our health and overall well-being. It recharges our brain, and letting it learn and create memories. Our vision is to be a model of best Psychologists by delivering best treatments after reviewing and improving the existing practices and services.

Our Purpose

We have established our clinic with the sole aim to enable more people to benefit from our insomnia treatment programmes. We offer best quality of solutions to maximise results and satisfaction of people suffering with this sleep disorder. Our purpose is to educate the community about insomnia and encourage people to understand the importance of good sleep for better functioning of brain and body.

Call us to visit our clinic or you can also register for online consultancy from Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, etc.

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